Reduce business costs and improve efficiency with digital mailroom services

Thanks to the revolutionary concept of creating a digital mailroom, you can enjoy the many benefits and conveniences that come from automating your mail processes.  Whether its receiving, sorting, and distributing your incoming mail, an automated mailroom helps reduce costs and increase efficiency throughout any sized business. Traditional mail channels must process large amounts of snail mail, require numerous staff, and as a result, become slow and inefficient. Surprisingly and ironically, they have historically been expensive. In comparison, their automated mailroom counterpart notably reduces the flow of paper mail, business costs. and allows staffers to focus on improving overall business efficiency. Mailroom management services have combine document scanning technologies to create digital copies of your incoming mail, so they can be processed and distributed easily. Essentially, a coordinated automated mailroom lends you a hand in helping to achieve the most efficient integration of mail processing possible for your business. The notion of paperless mail technology was pioneered at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in the 1980s. Yet, it wasn’t adopted by the industry until recently. The question most asked was whether the public would see the benefits and willing to adopt a digital solution to traditional mail. Recent trends suggest that they are.

Paperless or Less Paper?

Since the notion of a paperless office was introduced, many people touted the concept as “the office of the future”. The idea gained massive support as the progress of computers and internet made technology accessible to the public. Since then, many technological advancements have been developed and designed with the purpose of accessing the convenience that the digital world offers. Today, digital information runs our world from email to shopping online to running a business capable of reaching virtually anyone and anywhere. The push for paperless information transformed business practices and has led to increased efficiency in all consequent sectors. As paper has become a more temporary medium of distributing information, the traditional paper mail practice has not disappeared completely. People still send and receive important documents, letters, and packages. What an automated mailroom offers, are the benefits of having your traditional mail physically available with the ease and accessibility of accessing it online. The “office of the future” concept focused primarily on KEEPING less paper on hand rather than USING less paper. This is exactly what a mailroom services helps you to do. You are not obliged to print or forward every single document you get. But rather, you avoid clutter and prioritize what is important and what you don’t need at all.

What exactly does a digital mailroom do?

Mailroom service focuses on facilitating the circulation of incoming business correspondences that you must deal with. It uses a variety of smart scanning technologies that even outperform human processing of incoming mail. These technologies read, recognize, categorize, index and forward your mail. Mailroom benefits include improved processing time, higher quality service to the client and reduction to your overall business costs.

Why a mailroom automation?

Technology has transformed the way we do business; from speeding the delivery of business correspondences through email or allowing transactions to occur from anywhere in the world. Automated mailrooms take modern technology and applies the same principle.  Its goal to simplify and facilitate business using technology to deal with incoming mail and automate their processing to benefit the company’s overall business plan. Implementing mail room solutions technology will help reduce costs, processing time, improve customer service, and ensure efficiency. Once you have automated your traditional mailroom, there are plenty of features that will make your life easier. The software gives you access to a multi-channel partner that will allow you to receive paper documents, emails with attachments, web forms and faxes. You can also connect any mobile device regardless on brand or operating system to use as a remote, portable scanning machine. Simplifying the process of receiving and distributing your mail will allow you to have better insight as to what information is coming through your business channels and ensure that your focus is directed towards the highest priority items.

How can mailroom software reduce your business costs?

The concept of mailroom operation is based on modern management methods and experience to deliver improved efficiency and reduced cost. One key benefit of mailroom automation? Reduced operational costs. In an increasingly digitized world, physical mail has become more of a hassle than a commodity. Instead of mindlessly storing every piece of mail that comes your way, you can store information on a cloud server. You will also save a significant amount of time and money from unnecessary training.  With an intuitive interface, mail automation reduces effort while maximizing efficiency. And as a bonus, you will no longer deal with needless information that comes from sorting through junk mail. Speaking of mail, you can easily find all your documents, letters and packages in your virtual mailroom cloud should you ever need to retrieve anything. This major difference in comparison to searching for something in a physical archive saves time and effort; leading to faster turnaround and quicker decision cycles throughout an organization.

Increase your efficiency

Improving the level of your business efficiency will consequently contribute to reducing costs. Manual processes not only induce high processing costs, but can also result in defects and errors. Missing, misplacement, or loss of information can result in very costly consequences and needless headaches for a business. Smart technology like digital mailrooms help to minimize these risks and ensure high data quality is always available at your fingertips. Operational effectiveness is increased by the software’s ability to accurately categorizing and prioritizing of incoming mail. Junk mail is discarded from the system and important information is centrally stored on a cloud based server allowing for easy storage and distribution of documents and memos. You will never waste your time or money looking for important documents again. This level of efficiency improves overall mail management and provides a viable shortcut to reducing your business costs.

Increased customer service

Manually processing large amounts of mail gives way to mistakes that negatively affect your business image and reputation.  However, mail automation gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you are able to retrieve a customer’s mail quickly and without hassle. This efficiency, along with the convenience of allowing your customers to access their mail digitally, will lead to higher satisfaction among the people who use your service.

Improved security

A mailroom is a chaotic place.  Dealing with countless pieces of mail filtering in and out of a business can often be an overwhelming experience. This usually results in lost or misplaced mail, which subsequently leads to unhappy customers and concerns over the security of the lost contents. A mailroom automation solution mitigates against these risks by allowing you to accurately categorize and sort through mail with ease. Do more with less people One of the key advantages of implementing an automated mail solution is the level of proficiency you can achieve with less personnel. Mailrooms are tasked with identifying, categorizing, and handling large amounts of high priority mail.  All of this takes careful planning and execution which can take up time, effort, and cause headaches when done incorrectly. Using mail automation, recipients can access their important documents while minimalizing work on your end. This process is also more efficient, secure, and provides a faster turnaround for all parties involved. Achieving the highest level of operational functionality requires smart managing and even smarter processes. Your mail business priorities of: reducing costs, improving mail handling, receiving packages and categorizing items are all taken care of with more ease and directness. There is always an element of human error when people get involved, but automated mail rooms allow you the flexibility to focus more on other important business priorities while maintaining maximum efficiency. You will enjoy an easy, streamline flow of mailing and shipping-related processes while your business, partners, and clients take advantage of the benefits.

Increase your capacity

Handling mail with accuracy and efficiency can be a slow and draining process. Increase your capacity with automated mail software so your clients only receive the mail you need, can track their mail while reducing your (the mailroom operator’s) costs. You and your customers will also enjoy improved communication; increasing the image and quality of your business.


Compared to traditional mail handling, mail room software offers businesses many more benefits.  You no longer must deal with messy and complicated clutter piles; your unmanaged mail becomes less of a headache and you have the freedom to transform your mail processes into a streamlined operation. Say goodbye to junk mail and only focus on the mail what you do want. A less cluttered, paper filled business is possible. It is time to take advantage of the technology at your disposal and automate your mailroom.