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Mailroom Software

Mailroom Management Software for Your Business

Our mailroom management software is used to automate mailroom operations and eliminate paper-based communication. Mail items are scanned and stored and an electronic trail becomes available.


A major benefit to our mailroom operators, is that they can electronically share an image of any mail item or package delivery with their recipients. If someone is away, sending them a notification of any mail items received can be very helpful.  


 Recipient Mail Management mail-labs-logo-dark.png

Recipients can manage their mail online through a virtual mailbox, which allows them to view their mail items, packages, magazines and post-cards remotely. Recipients can sort through their mail items by sender, status or date received. They can also see the location for where a specific mail item was delivered.


 Request Handling  mail-labs-logo-dark.png

In addition to viewing and sorting, recipients can submit requests on any mail items that they receive. Mail items can be scanned, recycled, or forwarded to any location.

A mailroom operator can immediately view requests and process them.



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Within our mailroom management software, an employee can add an “area ID” to the recipient's profile to indicate the box number or location where the mail item is stored. Mail items can be labeled with unique barcodes to allow for easy tracking.