digital mailroom automation

Digital Mailroom Automation

Mailroom Automation Reinvented

Mailroom automation is the latest secure solution for mailroom management for businesses. Are you ready to get rid of your old-fashioned physical mailroom and convert it into an advanced digital mailroom?

Stop running an inefficient mailroom where operators have to sort and distribute a high volume of mail, wasting time and energy. Mailroom automation will reduce errors, organize the mail operations and improve the businesses workflow.

PostScan Mail offers you a digital solution to all mailroom problems with the most accuracy possible.


Virtual Mailbox Portals

All mail recipients will have their own virtual mailbox portal. They'll be able to log in and receive notifications with new incoming mail. With just a click, they can submit requests on how they’d like their mail and packages to be handled, such as open and scanning, forwarding or shredding. With secure cloud-based correspondence, they don’t even need to leave their desks.

 Mailroom Processingmail-labs-logo-dark.png

Once the requests are in, mailroom operators take action! Using a tablet, smartphone, or document scanner, they capture mail images and process requests, no pricey equipment needed. Once mail is taken care of, a confirmation is sent to the recipient.



Mail Labelingmail-labs-logo-dark.png

PostScan Mail puts an end to losing or misplacing important mail. Each mail piece or package can be assigned a barcode label with a unique Mail ID to track the package from its arrival until it leaves the mailroom. Mailroom operators will always have a close eye on all mail items.

Mailroom Area Assignmentsmail-labs-logo-dark.png

Area assignments will allow mailroom operators in companies to assign specific parts of the mailroom to a group of recipients or department. This will make it ten times easier to pull out precise mail items when needed, keeping your mailroom neat and organized.



Organizing Mailboxmail-labs-logo-dark.png

Checking your mailbox is as easy as checking your inbox! By using a computer or smartphone, recipients can log into a user-friendly interface where they’ll be able to filter, sort, and search by date or sender and customize separate folders for their mail.

With mailroom automation, PostScan Mail assures the organization with all its departments are on the same page and stay connected by providing a smooth information flow throughout the business and improving mailroom efficiency and accuracy.