Offer Virtual Mail to Your Customers

Postal mail has gone digital; are you ready to manage your mail in a 21st century way? Our software enables you to convert your regular mailroom into a leading edge virtual mailroom.

The PostScan Mail software platform is now available to a variety of industries and allows you to offer virtual mailboxes at the click of a button. We offer a secure white-label solution that can be branded to your business or organization.



Shipping & Postal Stores

The PostScan Mail platform gives business centers and mail center operators the ability to offer their customers a virtual mailbox in minutes. Once you sign up, you will be able to offer your customers a white-label and fully branded virtual mailbox platform. Your customers will be able to manage their postal mail online, and they'll love the convenience and ease of use.


Virtual Office Centers

Virtual office centers can now add virtual mailboxes to their service offering by using the PostScan Mail platform. This is useful to clients and allows for a newly added revenue stream. Instead of offering an old fashioned mailing address, it's time to start offering a new virtual mailbox mailing address.



Corporate & Enterprise Mail Centers

In today's corporate environment, everything is moving to the cloud. The mail has pretty much stayed the same, with large mail rooms slowly processing the mail and taking days to send it to the right employee or department. With PostScan Mail, corporate and enterprise mail centers can offer digital mailboxes to their employees around the globe.

College & University Mail Centers

Colleges and universities have thousand of students and professors. PostScan Mail can be installed on campuses for professors and students to be able to receive and manage all of their mail deliveries online. The educational system is challenging enough, receiving your mail online makes it so that there is one less thing that you have to worry about.



Apartment & Residential Complexes

Apartments and residential complexes can now offer digital mailboxes to all of their residents as an added service. Residents can receive an email notification whenever they receive a mail or package delivery, they can then come down to pick up their mail or request scanning or forwarding operations if they are out of town.

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are full of elderly people that have been moved away from their home with zero access to their postal mail. Mail deliveries for social security benefits and other important health information should be delivered electronically and straight to their PC or tablet, so that our elderly can have a more pleasant stay and not have to worry about missing another mail delivery.