Mailbox Software

Mailbox Software for Your Business

Mailbox software is the newest technology trend available to mailbox renters. Traditionally, mailbox providers offered customers a physical mailbox to receive their mail and package deliveries.

Digital mailbox software is now available for customers to view and manage their postal mail online. Though we still live in a world of envelopes and packages, customers shouldn’t go out of their way to get their mail deliveries. With the right mailbox software, your business can offer increased functionality and ease of use to your customers.



 Digital Mailbox Accessmail-labs-logo-dark.png

Customers don’t want their mail to go missing, so they sign up with a mailbox provider to ensure that doesn’t happen. The digital mailbox portal allows customers to access all of their mail in one place, with folders and filters that can be sorted similarly to email.



Customer Request Fulfillmentmail-labs-logo-dark.png

Remote access allows your customers to manage their mail online. Your operators can fulfill customer requests to open and scan an item, consolidate and forward several items, or shred unwanted mail.



Subaccounts for Users and Recipients mail-labs-logo-dark.png

A mailbox can have more than one recipient, thus the mailbox customer needs to be able to transfer mail between accounts, such as family members, coworkers or departments.

Extra users can be added to view and manage their mail separately from the main account.