mailroom management software

Mailroom Management Software

PostScan Mail offers mailroom operations software


Online Mail Management

Once mail items are scanned and uploaded into the PostScan Mail system, operators are able to key all mail items according to the recipient’s name and mailbox number.

Our system ensures that mail items are only handled when the mail is initially processed, and only thereafter, when a specific operation is requested. Our mailroom operations software and processes ensure that there is absolutely no redundant handling of mail items.

The Digital Mailroom Experience

PostScan Mail was designed and developed for a convenient and easy to use digital mailroom experience. Your customers can access their secured mailbox using any web enabled device.

Once logged in, the mailbox displays sender name, status, dates received, and a thumbnail preview of each mail item.

The customer can then select mail items and request mailroom operations such as open & scan, recycle, shred, or forward.





PostScan Mail employs the following security measures:

  • All communications with end-users are conducted through SSL protocol.
  • All mailbox and operator user accounts are password-protected.
  • Accessing envelope scans and content are protected by username and password.
  • All user passwords are hashed in an irreversible format.
  • Communication between system servers is accomplished through secured Private Networks.
  • PostScan Mail employs secure cloud infrastructure solutions for data storage
  • To maintain the highest level of security, all payment-related communications and transactions occur through 1024-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layers) encryption, with Level 1 PCI DSS compliance. 

Mailroom Operations


PostScan Mail offers an array of mail item operations designed specifically for ease of use by your customers. They include:

006-scanner.png Scan: Users can decide to scan the contents of their received mail. They also have the option to request to have all of their mail items to be opened and scanned automatically.

005-triangular-arrows-sign-for-recycle.png Recycle/Shred: Users may request to recycle, securely shred, or delete scanned copies of mail items.

 Move to Folder: Users can create folders to organize their mail items. They can name each folder and select where they want each of their mail items to be stored.

003-send.png Forward: Users may forward any mail item to any address worldwide. They can also transfer mail items to other users within their account or return a mail item to the PostScan Mail management software.

001-user.png User Settings: With a click of a button, users can manage folders, create filters for automated operations, and submit a change of address form using our wizard.

002-settings.png Account Settings: Users can update credit card information; manage recipients; add new addresses; upgrade or downgrade their subscription; fill out the Postal Consent Form or Change of Address wizard.