digital mailroom solutions

Digital Mailroom Solutions

Digital Mailroom Solutions for Your Business

Each organization seeks the most convenient mailroom solutions. The bigger the organization is, the more complicated the mail distribution process can be. Receiving mail, sorting through incoming documents, and delivering each mail item to its recipient consumes much time. Returning back mail means updating records which will negatively affect the workflow.

The Mailroom Automation Software

Mailrooms in general are ground for confidential mail and information to easily get lost. Losing vital information and operational data can result in major losses for a business or a company. Any lost data consequently affects everyday operations, overall costs and productivity. These issues caused organizations to start considering digital mailroom solutions.



Digital Mailbox mail-labs-logo-dark.png

A digital mailbox portal allows mail recipients to view and manage incoming mail from any computer or mobile device.  Recipients can sort mail by date, filter it by sender or organize mail items into customized folders.

Mail Handling mail-labs-logo-dark.png

Recipients can request any mail item or package through an improved mail processing service. The mail room automation provides timely digital managing of incoming mail. A digital mailroom captures, scans and forwards mail. Customers don’t need to visit their mailrooms and they can recycle junk mail.



 Barcode Labels and Area Assignments mail-labs-logo-dark.png

Mailroom operators can manage mail handling requests without having to interact with anyone.  Mailroom solutions create barcode labels to easily track and identify individual mail items. Area assignments assign specific parts of the mailroom to a group of recipients. This makes mail processing way easier and keeps mailrooms organized.


 Mail Search and Identification mail-labs-logo-dark.png

Mail search allows mailroom staff to search for a mail item using a mail ID. The search shows a detailed history of the mail item or package status and estimated delivery day. This solution allows inclusive tracking.




A digital mailroom contributes to a better business. Information flows throughout your organization and the mailroom processes your mail in the most paper-intensive aspect. Mail Labs improves mailroom efficiency, which creates a better experience every time you interact with the mailroom businesses. It is time to automate your mail.