Digital Mailroom Solutions

Digital Mailroom Solutions for Your Business

Nearly every type of organization should be looking into digital mailroom solutions, and the bigger they are, the more complicated their internal mail distribution process can be. Receiving mail, sorting through incoming documents, and delivering each mail item to its proper recipient takes away from company time. Returned mail means records need to be updated.

The Digital Mailroom Solution

Most companies don’t realize that the mailroom is the place where sensitive and confidential letters and information could easily get lost. Loss of vital information and data could result in major losses for the company. It doesn’t stop there, damaged and lost documents could easily affect everyday operations, costing overall performance and credibility. That’s why, companies should start looking into digital mailroom solutions to improve efficiency and performance of mailroom operators. 



Digital Mailbox mail-labs-logo-dark.png

A digital mailbox portal allows for mail recipients to view and manage their mail deliveries from any computer or mobile device.  Recipients can sort by date, filter by sender or organize mail items into customizable folders. 

Mail Handling mail-labs-logo-dark.png

Recipient can make requests on any mail item or package delivery. Instead of going to the mailroom, a request can be made for an item to be forwarded or scanned. If the recipient doesn’t want the mail item, they can recycle it.

Mailroom operators can process mail handling requests as they come in, without having to interact with anyone.  



 Barcode Labels and Area Assignments mail-labs-logo-dark.png

Mailroom operators can create barcode labels to easily track and identify individual mail items. Area assignments allow for recipients to be assigned to certain sections of the mailroom, this makes it easier for mailroom staff to retrieve specific mail items. 


 Mail Search and Identification mail-labs-logo-dark.png

Mail search allows for mailroom staff to search for a mail item using a mail ID. This search will show a running history of the mail item or package from the moment it enters the mailroom to the moment it leaves the mailroom, allowing for complete traceability. 




A digital mailroom means better business. Information flows throughout your organization and the mailroom is the most paper-intensive aspect. Mail Labs improves mailroom efficiency, which in turn creates a better experience for anyone who interacts with the mailroom.