Mailroom Automation

Mailroom Automation Reinvented

Mailroom automation is the next level in mailroom management for businesses. Poor mailroom automation can slow down your operation and cause operational bottle necks. Mailroom operators shouldn’t have to piece together a homegrown, self-supported solution in a high volume mail processing environment. 

That’s where Mail Labs comes in.



Virtual Mailbox Portals mail-labs-logo-dark.png

Mail Labs provides a virtual mailbox portal that gives mail recipients the ability to make requests on their mail items and packages. At the click of a button, requests are sent to mailroom operators for processing. 

 Mailroom Processing mail-labs-logo-dark.png

As soon as recipients submit their requests,  mailroom operators can take action. Mailroom operators are able to complete requests with any document scanner and are able to notify their mail recipients once a request has been completed.  



Mail Labeling mail-labs-logo-dark.png

Preventing the lost of mail items is a key function of the Mail Labs software platform.  Unique barcode labels can be printed and attached to individual mail items allowing for tracking and history of a mail item throughout the mailroom.


Mail Labs provides a robust mailroom automation platform that is hardware independent. Whether you are a small mailroom or one with thousand of mail items, MaiL Labs can help you automate you mailroom process.