What can Mailroom Outsourcing Companies Do For Your Business?

Your business is growing... but so is your mail flow. Now's the time to have your mail handled professionally to streamline your mail management.

Using mailroom outsourcing services is cost-efficient, enhances your mail security, saves you time, and lessens manual labor by reducing the headcount, freeing up your office space.

Most importantly, it will give you the ability to route your focus towards the business core values by improving productivity and evolving business procedures in a smooth streamline.

Seeking help from mail service experts who are up to date with the latest technology will add value to your business. You don’t need to carry the burden of managing a mailroom on your shoulders. 

What is Mailroom Outsourcing?

Using mailroom service companies, the main goal is to ease mailroom management for your business. Digital mailroom services offer the management of incoming and outgoing mail by converting your physical mailroom into a digital one. When your incoming mail arrives at their secure facility, it goes through a mail screening process for security purposes. Using state of the art technology; your mail is scanned and uploaded electronically.

All paper mail and documents are scanned and digitized. Mail is sorted, categorized, and sent to the intended recipients in a timely manner, allowing faster responses to improve your customer service.

Mailroom companies are consistantly up to date with postal regulations assuring that specific standards and deadlines are met. They receive all couriers and can sort and consolidate your packages before shipping, noticeably reducing your postage and shipping costs.

Mailroom outsourcing has your mail automated digitally, keeping your mail and your business up to date with the latest technology and services.

Top Factors of Mailroom Management Outsourcing
Reduce your expenses

Outsourced mail services save you money wasted on the mailroom when it can actually be better utilized in your business. You won’t need to waste money on any pricey equipment like scanners or printers to get your mail through. Instead, your mail will only be handled by the latest, advanced equipment and tools. You’ll save a large percentage of cost on paper storage since your mail will be handled digitally.

As your business expands, the piles of mail will just keep flowing in that’ll require manual labor for mail sorting and distribution. In order to prevent hiring too many employees who handle your mail and risk lost or misplaced mail, you’ll be transferring the mail over to experts who use the most automated and cost-efficient system, saving you on the cost of labor.

A concern all businesses face is package shipping that entails various expensive fees. Mailroom operation services work with all couriers and USPS will help reduce fees on shipping and postage as they can consolidate your packages by presorting your mail and easily ship domestically or internationally. Some companies even have agreements with couriers and provide discounts on shipments. This is a cost-efficient solution that will help you cut back on unnecessary expenses and focus your finances on advancing your business.

  • Improve Customer Service

A turning point in any business is good customer service; your customer service determines how professional and sufficient your business is. Outsourced mail services instantly scan incoming mail into digital format and send it to the recipient. Any time sensitive mail will be handled immediately, enhancing your responce time to customers and ensuring your customers receive first-rate customer service.

Having a physical mailroom in the office is outdated because it takes up too much space. With an off-site digital mailroom, all your mail is taken care of  autonymously so you have more space in the office. This is essential for start-up companies that can’t afford wasted space.

Instead, you can use that space as storage or expand your business with more employee workstations. With your mailroom being outsourced, your mail is forwarded electronically to the recipient.

  • Enhance the safety and security of your mail

Security is a key point when handling mail because maintaining a continuous workflow is important for your business. Outsourcing your mailroom means your mail will be delivered to an off-site secure facility, providing high level security for your business. Creating a risk-free environment for your business without receiving potentially hazardous packages.

Mailroom management software is a solution that protects against mail threats. Mail and packages go through explicit mail screenings when they arrive at the facility by highly trained technicians that are experienced in handling mail that may contain hazardous materials.

Mail screenings are done using the latest technology such as x-ray and remote imaging while some companies even offer CBRNE detection (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive).

  • Track and control your mail

What if an important piece of mail gets lost? What if mail is delivered to the wrong recipient? What if mail gets stuck in delivery? Many challenges face us with mail distribution that is out of our control. By oursourcing with Mail Labs, you have control over your mailroom and all incoming and outgoing mail. You will have full insight into the whole process from the moment the mail arrives at the facility to when it is delivered to the recipient.

You will be able to see how many pieces of mail each employee received, which branches got mail, and track any packages that were delivered. This leads to improving and accelerating the mail process, resulting in happy customers, and a happy business.

  • Reduce mishandled mail

Having fewer hands on the mail, you avoid risk of mail getting lost or misplaced. With an automated digital system, only a few highly trained technicians will handle your mail. A digital mailroom will create a risk-free mailing process where the mail is received digitally by the recipient and the physical mail stays in convenient, organized storage at the mailing facility.

  • Keep records of your mail archive

Mail is captured digitally when it goes through a security screening at the facility. Once scanned, and sent to the recipient, it is archived, capturing a record of incoming mail. Outsourcing companies offer an archiving service of a high volume where you can archive any mail received. If you need the mail for your business in the future, you will have the digital copy of it.

  • Manage your incoming and outgoing mail

Outsourced mail services handle all your received mail and track your outbound mail. Enhancing the communication between different branches of your business and customer relations, creating a smooth business streamline.

Businesses from any industry, whether they are big or small, can benefit from this service. Industries like healthcare, retail, finance, insurance and more can depend on outsourcing mail as a turnkey solution to all their mailing challenges. All industries handle time sensitive and important documents that can’t fall into the wrong hands and need to be dealt with care.

Mailroom outsourcing gives you extra space in the office that can be optimized for better use and improves business workflow. Start developing productivity, enhancing customer service and reducing operational costs at your business. Don’t let mail get in the way of your success anymore!