6 Benefits of a Digital Mailroom Solution

Digital Mailroom. You’ve heard it said before and maybe even considered having your business implement one.  But what exactly is a Digital Mailroom and how will it benefit your business? Glad you asked. First things first, what is a Digital Mailroom? A digital mailroom refers to the automation of incoming mail processes.  Instead of manually consolidating, organizing and dispersing mail, you use document scanning and capture technologies to digitize and automate the classification/distribution of mail within an organization. Now unto the million-dollar question, how can a digital mailroom benefit YOU? There are many benefits that a digital mailroom can bring to a company, so we’ve taken the liberty of detailing a few of them down below. Keep reading below to find the 6 benefits we thought would be worth highlighting. But first… Why is a digital mailroom important for your business? Most successful businesses know that as your business grows, so too do your responsibilities. That is why that owners take steps to ensure that they are always reviewing operating procedures to expedite processes, decrease turnaround times and enhance productivity to stay competitive in their markets. Because of this, companies are starting to realize the importance of having a digital mailroom take charge of their mail needs. Traditional mail rooms consume a lot of your employee’s time simply because they have to manually sort, filter and distribute the mail piece by piece. Physically handling your mail not only is a slow but takes away from your business’ productivity. As a result, mailroom management software solutions have stepped in to give you a hand organizing your mail efficiently at a cost-effective price point.

Benefits of a Digital Mailroom: Mail Automation:

Handle your mail the right way by turning your current physical mailroom into an on-site or off-site digital mailroom where every piece of mail is digitized to speed up the mailroom processes, so you and your employees can be free to focus on other important business goals. By using a secure virtual mailroom software like the one offered by Mail Labs, you will be able to organize all snail mail and packages in the most convenient way possible needing nothing but an internet connection. The software is a simple, cloud-based solution allowing all mail exchanges to be processed and stored online. All you’ll need is a document scanner (either on your tablet or smartphone), no other equipment is required! The process is intuitive and easy to remember. First, you scan the envelope or package and upload it to the cloud. Then you can sort the mail and assign it to the correct recipient. The customer will receive an email notification notifying them that they have received new mail and will log into a secure website where they will be provided with multiple options to choose from on how they would like to handle that specific piece of mail. They will send the request to either, open & scan, forward, shred or recycle the mail; the mailroom operator will then receive the request and fulfill the order. Once the request is taken care of, the operator can send a confirmation to the customer letting them know that it has been completed. It’s as simple as that! All your customers will have 24/7 access to all incoming mail whether using an onsite or offsite digital mailroom, all from the convenience of their smartphone or computer. Whether you run a small business with a small mailroom or happen to be a little bigger, an automated mailing system provides you with the best solution to grow your business farther and faster.
  • No Pricey Equipment:

Only a scanner is needed to upload mail, subscriptions, invoices, packages or more on a secure server. You won’t need to download any apps or buy any tools. The software solution offers everything you need to sort, filter and distribute your mail.
  • Reducing your costs and saving money:

Being paperless also has its advantages. Businesses see a reduction in operational costs, improved customer service and save money while doing so! With the digital mailroom solution, manual labor costs are exceptionally reduced. Because a digital mailroom reduces your reliance on manual processes, its automation system results in better productivity using less labor. Mail operators are also free to focus on more essential and valuable tasks do to the efficiency of the software. Not to mention the instant savings that you will see on paper storage and delivery fees since it virtually eliminates the cost of physical mail delivery. Companies like Mail Labs offer this service at a conveniently low price. They offer a free demo of the software allowing you to experiment with it first, so you are fully comfortable using the technology. It’s easy to set up and once you have it up and running, you’re ready to start sorting. With free training offered both remotely and in person, your own manual, and no hidden fees or start-up costs, Mail Labs is your simple solution to transform your existing space into its very own digital mailroom. Another great perk? How you decide to invoice your customers is fully up to you; featuring customized subscription plans for your customers with your own pricing, Mail Labs is here to make your business grow.
  • Mail Security and Traceability:

Your mail is tracked from the second it is scanned until it is delivered to you. And even after that, it is still stored on the digital cloud storage until you request for it to be recycled. Mailroom operators can create barcode labels or unique mail IDs for each piece of mail or package to keep an eye on it from when it enters the mailroom until it goes out for delivery. This feature is crucial when dealing with important documents, personal mail and essential packages. This process not only speeds turnaround time but it also creates unity between all the departments or branches under management. Mailroom solutions also offer area assignments (ID) where you can assign specific recipients to a predetermined section in the mail room (a department) to make it easier to track their packages. Monitoring and tracking all mail in the mailroom will reassure all parties involved that their mail is secure and guarantee another mail of piece is never lost again.
  • Accelerated Mail Delivery:

A digital mailroom provides an important consumer experience.  Faster deliveries. Faster deliveries not only make things easier for the mail operator, but it enhances customer relations. Other added benefits? Customer response time is greatly accelerated (since they are able to take action remotely via the internet) which is especially important when handling time-sensitive mail. It also organizes and creates a better workflow for your business leading to better satisfaction for all parties involved.  Essentially, mail is delivered instantly, to the intended person, at the right time.
  • Remote management over your mail:

All digital mail correspondences are cloud-based, which means that you can receive your mail wherever you are and more importantly, decide what to do with it. Whether you choose to open, forward, recycle, or shred it, the choice is entirely up to the person. This prevents needless interruptions by trips to the mailroom or having to go to a centralized headquarters. If you’re mostly traveling for work, you can still receive your mail regularly. The user-friendly interface allows you to view all mail clearly and separate it into folders, sort by date or filter by the sender for your convenience. Mailroom operators have the ability to add as many customers as they like and once the account is created, the consumer will receive login credentials to begin using the service.

Various Industries benefiting from Digital Mailrooms:

Besides noticeably increasing profits, many businesses can benefit from a digital mailroom solution. It provides an ideal service for shipping, postal and mail centers because it will conveniently give them the luxury to process all their customers mail electronically, which in turn, will result in happier customers. Healthcare institutes such as hospitals or various financial companies and banks will be able to securely correspond all sensitive, personal or important statements without jeopardizing or having the fear of any employee or customer information being exposed. Colleges and Universities can also use this service for a streamlining correspondence between professors and their students and assisted living facilities can benefit from this service by allowing the elderly access to their mail without needing to go anywhere. Virtual Mailroom services are expanding throughout all industries more and more every day; which is why there hasn’t been a better time to consider changing your existing mailroom into one. Thanks to the advancement of technology, you never have to worry about your mail cluttering, getting lost or being sent to the wrong person again. Transform your mailroom today to a digital mailroom by managing your mail automatically through a secure software that will sort and distribute mail for you! Give your customers the comfort they deserve by providing them with full access and control over their mail electronically. Manage your mail in the most cost-efficient, convenient way possible. Mail Labs is now offering the chance to add your customized logo on all mail exchanges such as invoices, notifications and more. All inbound and outbound mail will be branded with your logo promoting your business while preserving a professional image. A digital mailroom is for any business, small or big, that is looking to succeed and exceed!