USPS Using Technology With Daily Real Mail Notifications

Despite the belief that the USPS is becoming less useful in an increasingly paperless age there are some people who prefer letters to emails and phone calls to text messages, and with more and more people opting out of marketing emails and thankfully, marketing texts didn’t take off as much as originally hoped.

Modern Methods For Mail Forwarding

With technology today more and more people text or email instead of even talking on the phone when letters were the mail form of communication in the past. Most of us pay our bills online, which is making less and less First Class mail and meaning most of us only receive the less important marketing mail, which most of us consider junk and just toss in the trash or recycle making the postal service less useful than in years past. The USPS is trying to combat the image they are receiving and is now offering Daily Real Mail Notifications.  With Daily Real Mail Notifications you will receive an email or text message showing you what First Class pieces of mail will be delivered for that day before it’s even delivered and in the future you will be given offers from companies for discounted goods and services, so if you are only getting junk mail you will likely not receive the text or email alert. Which will save users time if they use a post office box to receive their mail they will know if they have any mail and what they have without having to waste time, fuel, and more frequent vehicle maintenance.

Ways To Run Your Business Smoothly and Efficiently Online

If you are waiting for a particular piece of mail you will no longer have to wait until you get home to see if it came in, which is great too, especially if you will need to call to make sure it was sent and when. Now, if you also use a virtual mailbox that will allow you to know via text or email message if you need to manage your virtual mailbox for the day as well. So, if you were waiting on a particular piece of mail you can login at the time your mail is posted in your virtual mailbox and then manage what you were waiting for right away. So far this is still being tested in certain states and is not yet available for businesses, but if all goes well we should be able to expect a nation wide roll out in the near future. It is great to see the USPS embracing technology for it’s customer’s and improving their service. In North Virginia when it was tested 93% of users opened their email alerts within about 2 hours and 86% would recommend the service to friends and family. Since the service hasn’t had it’s nationwide roll out there isn’t any information on how much the charge for this service is, if any. Please visit us at to get your 30-day FREE TRIAL (renters only) or for more information, or give us a call at 1-866-754-5637, or email us at

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