Modern Methods For Mail Forwarding

This happens to everyone at least once in their lives (usually many more times than that):  you’re moving and need to decide what to do with your all of your mail. Do you set up a change of address with the post office? Setting up a change of address will get your mail to you, but if any other family members are staying at your old address there tends to be mix-ups where their mail may be forwarded as well.

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This creates the problem of you now having something they need, and if you've relocated far away it means you now have to mail it back to them. You could also choose to keep your old address if you're leaving a residence where family or friends still reside. Doing that bypasses forwarding mail if you're still close enough to pick up your mail every few days. If you’ve moved far away you can have them send you your mail on a weekly basis, but we’re pretty sure they’ll get tired of doing that pretty quick. Another option - that’s easier and more reliable than using the USPS Mail Forwarding Service - is to rent a virtual mailbox and have all of your mail sent there! With a virtual mailbox, your mail is sorted, scanned into the computer, and you can see what mail you get each day and choose to have the important items forwarded to you at your new residence, or anywhere else you’d like to receive it. Using a virtual mailbox will also eliminate the possibility of you ever having to worry about forwarding mail ever again, no matter how many times you move!   Using a virtual mailbox also eliminates you from ever having to deal with annoying junk mail again. Junk mail is automatically recycled so the only mail you’ll see in your account is regular First Class mail and packages. Packages are sent the same method as your forwarded mail. You simply choose the address and it will be delivered to you there. You also pick the most convenient time for you to look into your account to see what you have. Don’t have anything important? No problem! You don’t ever have to physically receive your mail, and you can have it shredded and recycled straight from your online account. You only have to receive the mail that’s important to you. You can even store your mail and wait until you have multiple pieces to have it delivered all at once. Virtual mailboxes are a convenient and modern way to forward your USPS mail and packages.   Please visit us at to get your 30-day FREE TRIAL (renters only) or for more information, or give us a call at 1-866-754-5637, or email us at

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