20 Questions about Mailroom Automation

So you finally decided to update your mailroom and join the big leads? You probably have many questions about mailroom automation, like what it is and how can it benefit you. Is it risk-free? Will it cost much? We gathered together a total of 20 frequently asked questions with their explained answers for you. Here is everything you need to know about mail automation and more!

Question #1: What is mailroom automation?

The short answer to this question is simple; it is efficiently managing your mailroom. The longer answer? Mailroom operation is elimination paper mail for good! All mail correspondence is done electronically risking no mistakes or lost mail. Using mailroom software like Mail Labs, will convert your physical mailroom to a digital mailroom. Your operators are able to scan all mail and send it out to the recipient electronically. They can choose how they’d like their mail handled and forward the request to the operator. They can either open & scan, forward, shred or recycle any mail piece, all from the convenience of their phone or computer.

Question #2: What are the features of mailroom software?

  • Efficient mailroom management services.

  • Digital mail correspondence instead of paper.

  • All mail requests will be sent electronically.
  • Easy and accurate mail traceability with barcode labels.
  • Organized mailroom operations.
  • All mail is stored online on secure servers.
  • One mailbox can be used by more than one recipient.

Question #3: How can Mail Automation improve customer service?

Efficient mailroom, contracts, notices and time sensitive mail will be taken care of immediately. Your employees will be able to handle any customer issues on the same day without needing to worry about mail times. With customer response time becoming faster, customer service will significantly improve. This will not only strengthen your current customer base but increase it.

Question #4: How can a digital mailroom increase productivity?

Turning your mailroom into a digital mail room can only add to your business. All mail correspondence will be done electronically so everything will be handled ASAP. Better customer service means better work opportunities. Also, mailroom operators will stay inside the mailroom! They won’t have to leave to distribute mail disturbing the workflow nor will employees have to go to the mailroom to check on their mail or make requests! Your employees will be more focused at work and customer relations will improve, increasing your businesses productivity.

Question #5: How mailroom automation can help your mail & shipping center?

Now you can offer virtual mailboxes to your customers! Customers will be able to check on their mail from anywhere in the world at any time. You won’t need to worry about storage space because once the requests are sent in, your operators take action! This will not only give you leverage on your competitors but will give you a chance to expand your customer base to international customers! Mail room automation means all mail operations will be done efficiently and worry-free.

Question #6: What other industries can benefit from mailroom automation?

All industries will benefit from mailroom software, especially if you’re handling sensitive mail like financial documents or medical records. Whether you run a small or big business, mailroom operation is for you.

Question #7: How can you brand all your mail with your business logo?

With Mail Labs, you’ll have your logo on your mail. This software allows you to brand your logo on all incoming and outgoing mail. Build a professional image for yourself by spreading out your name!

Question #8: Will I need expensive equipment to turn my mailroom into a digital mailroom?

With Mail Labs there will be no start-up fees and no hidden fees! You can enjoy a 30-day free trial and we’ll custom a suitable package according to your needs. You no longer need expensive printers or scanners followed with maintenance fees. With digital mailroom  software all you’ll need is a smartphone or tablet scanner to get mail transactions done.

Question #9: How can a virtual mailroom reduce expenses and save costs?

Mailroom management software will not only save you expenses on pricey equipment but will also eliminate all paper transactions, reducing cost on paper storage. Sending all mail electronically will also reduce delivery and postal fees which can cost a lot with frequent packages. By making your mailroom automated, you’ll reduce manual labor in the mailroom and not need as many employees handling mail and packaging.

Question #10: How can mailroom services increase your mail security?

You can now enjoy full traceability of all your mail in the mailroom from anywhere. Mail Labs allows you to create a barcode for each mail piece from its arrival at the facility until its delivery tracking your mail at all times. Also, with an area assignment feature, you’ll be able to specify parts of the mailroom to a specific group of recipients or a department. With all mail transactions being cloud-based and fewer hands on the mail, reducing mail errors and never losing a bill or important mail again.

Question #11: How can mailroom automation accelerate mail delivery?

Once mail arrives at your facility, mail operators can instantly scan it and send it electronically to the right recipient. Your customers will get all their mail from their phone without needing to wait for delivery or go to the mailroom. Operators can easily retrieve old mail by using the mail ID and the area assignment feature in case of emergencies.

Question #12: How can you remotely manage your mailroom?

You don’t need to be at the office to get your mail. You can get notified with any important mail on your phone. Remote employees, travelers, or freelancers can easily access their mailbox at any time and send out requests on how they’d like to handle their mail.

Question #13: How can you sort your mailbox?

Organize your mailbox however you like! You can set filters and never receive junk mail again; you can classify and sort important mail into separate folders. Using the mail ID feature, you’d be able to search and pull out any piece of mail in your mailbox.

Question #14: How can you store all your mail without taking up any space?

With Mail Labs as long as your account is active, all your mail will be stored on our secure servers. You’ll never lose a mail piece again and still have extra space to utilize in a better way than storing physical mail.

Question #15: How can you get trained on operating a virtual mailroom?

Operating with our user-friendly software is super easy! You’ll get a manual on how to use it and will have personal or remote training for all your operators.

Question #16: Can I partnership with Mail Labs?

Yes, you can! Now you can offer virtual mailboxes to your customers and create for them customized price plans.

Question #17: How can mailroom solutions boost your professionalism and increase your customers?

By improving your customer service with faster mail response times and having your mail branded with your logo, this will increase your accountability with customers and expand your customer base. Give your business the professional image it deserves!

Question #18: Can the whole family share one digital mailbox?

Yes, they can! One mailbox can have more than one user. Each member can access and manage their mail separately. For businesses, employees or departments can share the same mailbox and easily transfer mail to each other.

Question #19: How will Mail Labs help you market your business?

By offering virtual mailboxes, Mail Labs will offer you online marketing campaigns to attract new customers to your business, and highlight your virtual mailbox services.

Question #20: How to learn more about virtual mailboxes?

Go to Mail Labs now and download the free case study to read more about how this software helped a leading business and then you can get a free demo and try it yourself!